Totally Unique Uniquely Canadian


Whistler Creekside Village is remerchandising and is seeking brands and concepts that fit the definition of Totally Unique or Uniquely Canadian. Preferred uses include:

Unisex adventure wear,

Personal services,

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR),

Healthy food quick service restaurants,

Salon and spa,

Art gallery,

Custom jeweller, and

Unisex resort wear.

In addition, we have several QSR franchises seeking qualified franchisees for a location in Creekside Village. Want to go into business for yourself but not by yourself? A franchise may be an option for you. For more information about these franchise opportunities please contact us by CLICKING HERE!

Attractive terms are available for the right credit worthy tenant.

Download our Leasing Brochure

The following locations are currently available for lease.  Click on the unit number that interests you for the full details after registering or logging in.

Unit # 204: 1,533 sf

Ideal for: Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).

[The Chopped Leaf QSR is seeking a franchisee for this location. For more information about Chopped Leaf and this franchise opportunity please go to their website by clicking HERE)

Unit # 206: 896 sf

Ideal for:  Chocolatier, bakery, take out service, specialty food use or VQA wine bar.

Unit # 110: 2,809 sf  LEASED

Unit # 209: 1,165 sf

Ideal for:  Salon/Spa, Jeweller

Unit # 2101,244 sf

Ideal for:  Better Quality Gifts, Art Gallery, Jeweller or VQA Wine Bar

Unit # 217: 1,248 sf

Ideal for: Adventure wear, Unisex Clothing, Jeweller

Unit # 221: 1,097 sf

Ideal for: Art Gallery, Better Quality Gifts, Jeweller.

Unit # 225310 sf (Subject to Vacant Possession. Please contact us for more information)

Ideal for: Tourist services, Body & Bath, Specialty Food


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