Handy Fast Facts About Creekside Village

– This world class resort area attracts approximately 2.7 million annual tourist visits – both overnight guests and day trips – with approximately 40% of those arriving in Winter and 60% in Summer. This means year round income and cash flow potential.

– The average consumer spend is $350 per visitor per day to Whistler. This is in addition to lodging and travel. Visitors are ready to spend.

– Total potential market size in the immediate area is estimated as an equivalent population of approximately 200,000. This is a significant market for almost any business. Said differently, if this were an equivalent sized city, the area around Whistler Creekside Village would be the 5th largest in B.C. according to Statistics Canada.

– Rental rates are significantly less at Whistler Creekside Village than either Whistler Village and Whistler Village North. This reduces your cost of business. Don’t forget that all businesses still need to spend money on advertising to attract the visiting consumer, even those who have to pay 4 times the rent.

– The immediate market is affluent. Creekside attracts affluent travellers, upscale families and the nearby subdivision of Kadenwood is described as upper-end affluent with homes priced in the millions of dollars.

– The 1,400 adjacent FREE parking stalls are a natural draw for regional visitors and consumers driving from Whistler.

– The municipality continues to grow to the south but there are no new commercial areas planned in the Official Community Plan. Creekside Village is the largest retail node serving this area.

– The average household income is $78,024 in Whistler – well above the average provincial income of $67,675.

– There are more than 350 better quality rooms that can accommodate over 1700 guests in the top ranked resort hotels surrounding Creekside Village plus other condos and lodging.

– The Whistler resort community has approximately 10,500 residents, an estimated 2,700 annual transient workers/residents and an estimated 11,500 second home owners.

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