Totally Unique Uniquely CanadianOur goal is to create a space for merchants and restaurateurs who have something unique and/or Canadian to offer the almost 2.7 million individual visitors to the area. If these tourists who visit Whistler were the equivalent of a city, it would be the third largest city in Canada only behind the Toronto metropolitan area and Montreal metropolitan area, according to Statistics Canada. This is a HUGE market in a confined space. Dollar for dollar locating in Creekside Village can be your best business investment.

Collectively, we will create a “Must Visit” experience. This means that each offering causes visitors to think they must visit both that operation and all the others in Creekside Village.

We’ve already started with well-known Creekside Market and Dream Merchants, for example; but we think we’ve only just begun. We’re looking for established brands with just a few locations or merchants offering something different to the common brands found in Whistler.

Credit: Dave Steers Photography
Credit: Dave Steers Photography

We are looking for food and beverage operators who offer a unique menu or quintessentially Canadian food. Think: a local craft beer pub, or a speak-easy style lounge.

A location in Creekside Village can be both a retail sales location and a marketing platform on an international scale because Whistler’s visitors come from all over the world. Use your Creekside Village location to expand your brand, bring awareness to your online presence, and broach new domestic and international markets, all while generating sales.

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